29 July 2016


Stumbled upon this great clip when looking up how to inspire and teach mindfulness to partners and it led me to a bunch of resources on mindfulness for men and boys. I don't fancy myself a teacher, but do think being grounded/mindful is very important for a person's overall, everyday happiness, and it makes me excited that someday I could even have a little guy running around that we could do meditation together for short periods of time.

15 July 2016

"We're Gold[!]..."

Remember when no one danced the same
We all had a voice
We had a name
We're gold that's as bright as hell's own flame
Forgive me, for I have lost my way

11 February 2016

---> February 14th <---

Because Valentines Day is coming up, I answered these 14 questions about my other half:

1. Where did you meet your other half? At a New Year's Eve party, 2006 turning into 2007.  I was wearing a frilly white top and he was the only guy that was trying to get people to proper-dance, and thought I was cute :)

2. If you're married, when did you say "I do"? Sept. 6, 2015

3. What song did you walk down the aisle to? "Avril 14th" by Aphex Twin

4. Do you have any children yet? Just Holmes (his/our 16 year old cat) and Toby (our 5-ish year old bassador doggie that we adopted about 3 years ago). Right now we are annoyingly, naively really excited to get pregnant and have BABIES.

5. What's your favorite thing about your other half? His kind, goofy heart and fresh/sometimes off-kilter outlook. The fact that he's a feminist. Tight buns.  Okay, there's a few.

6. Were you and your other half high school sweethearts? Naw (thank God, we probably wouldn't be together now).

7. Where was your first date? Welllll...we kinda were friends for a few years before we started dating, but looking back on the times we were "just hanging out" the two of us going to the movies (Swedish version of "Let the Right One In") or going to get me a record player at Hymies, or sunning in the park across the street from his apartment on Aldrich, I think they were actually like being on dates.  Then we had a bunch of drinks and had our first kiss at The Country Bar to the smell of fried chicken and some guy loudly singing karaoke...and the rest is history. In the making.

8. How long were you dating before you said "I love you"? Oh man, I don't know, but we say it obsessively now.

9. How long were you dating your other half before he/she proposed? Welp - he did after 2.5 years? Then I did around 4.5/5.  As one does.

10. Where is your favorite place you have traveled with your other half? Big Sur, California

11. How do you and your other half usually spend Valentines Day? At home, eating and enjoying each other and giving cute presents.

12. What does your favorite 'date night' consist of? Taking time to get ready and then going to a sweet din or getting into some hijinks around the city together.  Or going to the YWCA or a museum together on the weekend. Or going to see a movie and sneaking a jack-and-coke in.

13. What is the best gift you have received from your other half? Omg, when he bought me replacement diamond earrings for the ones that I lost tubing, for our wedding weekend.  That, or new socks/underwear, or that World B. Free Cavs jersey, or when he made me a 30th birthday PowerPoint set to "Ooh La La" by Faces...he's really good at presents. Any CD mix of ever.

14. Thing your partner does/says that makes you laugh, in a good way? When he gives voice to our dog's dopey internal monologue.

10 February 2016


Legit spoken word usually makes me uncomfortable (along the same lines of most acapella) but the phrase "We are the granddaughters of the witches they forgot to burn" is too amazing.  Inspiring my advocate, feminista self all over again.

06 January 2016

I Wrote Down...

...a recipe for an interested 20-something classmate after making the dish for three of us at my place who were finishing our respective theses (thesi?) and bein' all frustrated and annoyed at how school is overtaking every other part of our lives. AKA we needed comfort food, and how. I grew up eating my mom's variations on carbonara, who made it from watching my nona make it - and sometimes with her homemade pasta noodles - and it makes me think of my two best girlfrens from middle/high school requesting it when they came over for sleepovers. Eating carbonara made with good ol' bacony-bacon felt (and feels) weird and right and good, just like any good Italian-American cuisine does :)

PS, you can absoLUTEly add peas and some beautiful, sautéed little mushrooms to this, but it kinda takes away from the semi-glamorous "Oh this? I just had this stuff layin' around..." aspect of making carbonara for friends or lovahs. In dire straights, you could substitute nice, homemade bread crumbs seasoned with herbs and cooked in bacon fat (because you save some of yours, right?) for the actual bacon - and then you just made cucina povera!


Carbonara, Son:

-About 10 oz bacon or pancetta if you want to be fancy (pack of bacon's usually 10-16 oz?)
-1 onion
-2-4 cloves of garlic (depending on how much garlic breath you're okay with afterwards)
-About 1 cup of Parmesan, freshly grated (excellent excuse to buy a big hunk of nice Parm and have it in the fridge for grating or slicing for nibbles with apples or pears)
-About 16 oz spaghetti (one box usually?)
-2 eggs
-Salt and freshly ground black pepper
-1 giant bottle of red wine (optional)

Put your pasta water on high heat right at the start, and salt that ish. Cut up one onion (whatever color you have) and a few cloves of garlic.  Once your choppin's done, start cooking your bacon/pancetta/delicious salty meat on medium heat in a decent-sized frying pan.  Let it cook for a while so it renders the fat (lets the fat melt out without burning). When the bacon's crispy, transfer to some paper towels and throw the onion into the pan (maybe turn down the heat a little).  2-3 minutes later, add the garlic (it cooks faster than onion).  You want the onion/garlic to be translucent and maybe a little brown around the edges, and that'll give it time to soak up the beautiful bacon fat that you rendered (see what I did there?) from before. While that's going, grab someone to grate the parm for you, or (GAWD) do it yourself. Crunch up that bacon with the blunt side of your knife.  Then crack two eggs and mix in a small bowl or measuring cup with a pinch or two of salt and loads of black pepper dependent on your taste. Add roughly 3/4 cup of the parm to the egg and save some for sprinkling on top later. If the onion/garlic mix is done before all this, just take it off the heat and put in a bowl. 

Add the pasta to your boiling water and cook to al dente (the package'll tell ya). Once done, scoop a coffee cup of pasta-water out and set aside. Drain the pasta and add back into the pasta pot and put back on the stove on the burner you used but with the heat off.  Add a little (1/8 cup?) pasta water into the egg mixture and stir - this gets it ready to be a sauce and not scrambled eggs with pasta. Gradually add in your egg mixture and stir like a maniac. If it seems dry, throw in the warm pasta water by the spoonful and keep stirring. If it seems too wet, turn the heat to very low until it firms up.  Then put onion/garlic mix and bacon in with the pasta and stir some more.

And presto!  Dangle it lovingly down onto a plate, shower it with a little more parm  (or put it on the table for ppl to do it themselves GEEZ PPL CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING?) and open a bottle'a red if you haven't already.  Serves about 4 hangry adults? And rest assured - these are overly-detailed instructions but I just like writing - there is almost literally no way you can take away from the delicious combo of bacon, cheese, eggs, and carbz.

<3 p="">

02 December 2015


I have never experienced stress and anxiety like this before!  It's the kind where if anyone is even remotely lovely or warm or empathetic, I get misty-eyed.  I am transferring all kinds of inappropriate emotions onto people, looking for comfort from my professors, being snippy with sales clerks, neglecting my very best friends :( The old man is being hella amazing but even he's a little cowed in the face of all. this. stress emanating from me.  It feels like I have something a little radioactive in me that people far wiser and more experienced than I am can sense and feel the need to gently avoid.  It's...the sickening!  (Anyone watching this?)

I'm being dramatic, and can tell especially while writing it out, but honestly - having put so much work and time and money into this program, and having it be wrapping up March '16 (thank God), and being tested in a way that is like, "pass or you will FAIL" is difficult.  I think I'm making up some of the pressure, and being kind of awful about it in some ways (like blaming it on certain professors and whatnot) but still. When you have a weekend of two 12-hour hospital shifts coming up, and your thought is, "Geez, that's going to be nice!" - you know it's bad. My last few months at MoHo were a hellish mix of fear and anxiety that inhibited me from savoring the last little sips of my undergrad. experience and enjoying the people around me, and I'd rather not let that happen quite as bad with grad. school. I take such comfort in my friends and family who have been through stuff like this, and succeeded.

Also in the back of my head is papi, and it's also like this weird, radioactive thing.  Like, I don't ever want to talk about him/his situation/how my mom's handling it (not well, imho) to ppl that aren't already filled in or get my shorthand about the situation, but then when I do get a chance to reflect on it I have this well of crazy emotion come out of me.  Like, huge anger, huge sadness, huge frustration.  I'll be going home from Xmas to NYE so that should be good to be there, to have a presence as my original little family unit navigates the weirdness of it all.  Blerf.

Time for dranks at the end of this Sunday shift at 7pm, my friends!