27 March 2015

Yesterday this song came on after a meeting where tensions ran high, and where we addressed big stuff like the existing hierarchy of power and unfair treatment of students.  The lyrics don't match up with how I was feeling, but the minor, slow melody touched something in me that I was hardly aware of beforehand. In the evening we had our family health class on abuse (child, vulnerable adult, elderly, sexual) and it brought up a lot of emotions for me in a diffuse way.  I knew the class was coming, and had actually gotten pretty upset in the car on the way there at 10am that morning.  I was remembering a caller I had talked to when I volunteered on the sexual abuse crisis line, who had called on the anniversary of her rape some 30 years before.  She couldn't sleep so we talked about ways to relax, and I told her it wasn't her fault over and over again. She still felt guilty about having had too many drinks at some airport bar, and no matter what I said, I knew she couldn't quite hear me when I said that it was the fault of those men, and that no one deserves to be raped no matter how drunk they are, or what they wear, or where they happen to be in that moment.  It was a hard call, and a hard day, and a hard class to be in - and there shouldn't be these weird power struggles in any form, but there are. Sigh.

18 March 2015


kind of a weird performance, but i don't fault 'em - i can only imagine i'd be like this on stage: semi-awkward, overly-earnest, etc...  his voice though!

10 March 2015


...all the feels.

*Yells at audience*

Also, who knew Nina Simone could play the piano like that?!  Miss my Yamaha.

02 March 2015