28 May 2012

Un Petit Mot

Love nerdy presents from family.

20 May 2012

Body Stuff / Cycles

I really couldn't get over the interactions of hormones that contribute to this process, not to mention how simple the effects of hormone-based birth control methods are (Estrogen/progesterone's artificially present, suspend the process of ovulation. It's not, get rid of the uterine lining.) and the widely-accepted misconception that a regular cycle for us females is 28 days.

11 May 2012

Well that felt nice to give to.

"Digging for Bombs" 

I'll admit that I'm biased as the head of this project is a friend, but honestly: great cause to balance out the past and current worldview of us aggro-Americans and on a more honest level, to help out and honor a group of brave, caring, and frankly bad-ass sounding women doing the good work on the daily.

04 May 2012

RIP Adam Yauch

"The way that he handled the news of his cancer diagnosis three years ago impressed me as amazingly graceful. Which was not a surprise—the way he handled it, I mean. He had always handled maturing, and changing, in the public eye more gracefully than many other examples we've seen."

-The Awl


oohpanda says:

"How do we turn happiness into something constant and non-fleeting?"

Kirbonicus says:

"Harpoon your white whale.

But seriously... happiness is just a chemical reaction... like love and model volcanoes.

Find a way for your brain to constantly release the chemicals and you'll always be happy.

BUT... if you're ALWAYS happy, doesn't it lose it's flavor?"

-via this website.