26 October 2012

Still into it.

Awful by Hole. http://shz.am/t5171331

23 October 2012

Happy Mole Day

Okay so just imagine a bunch of students in an intro-level chemistry class enduring a lecture about God-knows-what with a pretty major test coming up in 7 days, and it's 5PM on a Tuesday, and no one really thinks the professor's doing a good job, and then he just starts playing this.  I had no idea what was even going on at that point.

18 October 2012

Oh, Intro to Psych Text...

...you are so wise that I can't resist quoting you so that I remember.

"If you walk along a city street, you are surrounded by traffic and other items that demand your attention and leave you mentally exhausted.  If you walk through a forest, you replenish your resources, enhancing your later ability to control your attention."
-Kalat, 9th. Ed.

For Da Wife

Cheers to growing up on the same radio belt, and to amazeballz phone convos while dancing with babies and getting ready to go tannin'.  Love you, wah!