15 December 2009

Target Women by Sarah Haskins


"i told cory to go to jam-i-zon, and he went"

[11:42:48 AM] Wah: i am currently reading a letter written to me by a 'BFF' from junior high while i was in costa rica for my dad's sabatical
[11:42:50 AM] Wah: it is HILARIOUS
[11:42:52 AM] Wah: yeah yeah it's perf being home
[11:43:34 AM] Alexandra Smith: oh my lord re: the letter.
[11:43:49 AM] Alexandra Smith: so good. does it profess undying and everlasting friendship 4-eva?
[11:44:31 AM] Wah: yes and the questions
[11:44:31 AM] Wah: i mean
[11:44:34 AM] Wah: i can't even express it
[11:45:25 AM] Alexandra Smith: yowza. like, "do you want to run away after school ends in may?"
[11:46:33 AM] Wah: like, here is a direct quote, "he went down my underwear, and didn't go like up, up. but he kind of went in. n-e ways i don't think you want to hear all the details.'
[11:46:44 AM] Wah: here is more:
[11:47:09 AM] Alexandra Smith: ohmygod, amazing.
[11:47:10 AM] Wah: 'one night i was so happy, because i told cory to go to jam-i-zon, and he went, but lauren and ashley took him from me and hung all over him, it really pissed me off, what bitches'
[11:47:14 AM] Wah: HAHAHAHA
[11:47:16 AM] Alexandra Smith: i am laughing out loud.
[11:47:17 AM] Wah: i can't throw these things away