29 September 2011

Cracked at Work

I see these and then read the name, and all there is is screaming.

18 September 2011

Real Lettuce Laws

"Escapes have gotten terrifically sophisticated. There are all manner of devices and distractions that can lift you out of the day to day - or even better, let you edit and re-imagine your day into something simpler or more beautiful. I can assemble this outfit, manufacture a story to go with it, and not only lift myself out of my regular life, but help other people escape too. Their hypothetical escape helps mine, adds a different dimension of pleasure to it. We collude together to step outside reality, just for a moment."

16 September 2011

Do You Realize?

I think I finally heard the lyrics to this last night driving home in the car.  I have fond memories of seeing The Flaming Lips perform it al fresco at Blossom in 2006 with Kevin and Halle; it was a high point in the otherwise bleak sea known as The Summer After Graduation.  Also, working on the play "Stop Kiss" in the black box with Special Agent Chilli and Eliza, who I was getting to know at the time - someone sang it a cappella between acts and it was gorgeous.

13 September 2011

"The less you believe it exists, the more The Dark Side wins."

This Gawker post, entitled "Kids These Days are Sellouts" encapsulates what I've been trying to convey lately to Tim, usually in an overly agressive/indignant tone after seeing something particularly dumb on the teevee or after walking past the ridiculous teenagers that strut in bunches around Calhoun Square in Uptown. 

11 September 2011

Remember That One Time ___?

"...One thing White loved in New York was its refusal to succumb — to gravity or the impossible logistics of ushering millions onto and out of an island every day — and the way a feeling of belonging to something unique and mighty seemed to inject the most diverse set of people 'with massive doses of a supplementary vitamin.'

There’s a wider lesson for America, and particularly Washington, in that supplement."

-Roger Cohen, "New York and the Planes"