16 December 2008

a is for, well, AUDREY.

first lady chilli and co.

seriously i know i kept joking about it but i thought this tree was delightfully peanuts, wonderful that we did it together for shmaud.
wives 'n christmas.

02 December 2008

Lessons Learned from "Virginia Woolf," Fall '08.

1. Writing is to be done everyday, even if it's just a free-write to stay in the mode (thanks, Julie Landsman.)
2. Make sure your characters stay fictional or you'll lose all credit as your readers will feel (or know) that you have an axe to grind.
3. Keep writing even if you're horribly, indefatigably depressed.  Ha.
4. It's okay to depend on a small group of people for friendship, criticism, and morale.
5. Figure out your own style by writing reviews (taking "Writing the Book Review" next semester with Eric Lorberer, I want to publish at least one.)
6. Surround yourself in letters and people of them.
7. Sometimes it's all about keeping up the rhythm.
8. Experiment!  Don't get mired down by how your poem should have iambic pentameter, or how your plot-line must be chronological.  Make it wild, beautiful, and free. (Props, Jim Moore.)
9. It's probably a good thing to kill the Angel in the House but don't expect her to leave quietly or fully.
10. If all else is lost, smoke.

01 December 2008