28 May 2011


Well, I'll be (from here. Ha.)

"If you're going to stay local on June 3rd, check in with Studio Bricolage and their Yam! First Friday "Building With Food" party. It's time to get your hungry artist all worked up with the carving and sculpting of root veg. After you're done making your potato clock and shooting the spud gun, go grab a glass of wine at Corner Table, a cup of coffee at Anodyne, or a beer at [The] Lowbrow. It's a hot corner."

Love the use of yams as medium, too. Makes me think about a certain character ("The Chink"-I know, I know) in a certain book (Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Tom Robinson) that a certain friend (Ms. Svea Wentzler) recommended to me and that I purchased at a flea market in LA, happily. Ah, sentiment.