30 April 2009

27 April 2009

24 April 2009

22 April 2009

Are you looking for LOVE?

04 April 2009

Claire Nereim's Prints

A gray day, outside, a little inside, makes a great foil for these lovely prints.. ..Bellisima..

02 April 2009

Shameless Cat Cawls

"You shoulda seen what he did for these"
"Toaster Wants to Take His Top Off"
"Kitty Surprise"
"Feline Lounging 101"
"Go Getta Job"

"Aloysius Snuffleupagus"

"The Cutest Cat in the Whole World"
"From the Middle Up"

Love this Cover

iWant for Sprang

GreenPorno: Bee

Isabella Rossellini's a frustrated zoologist. Who knew? Check her little bee dance!

PS, there are tons of these. I wanted to post "GreenPorno: Whale" but it was almost too graphic. Wahwahwheewhahhh.

Thursday Morning Reflection

Going through about 3.2 million emails in the not oft-checked MoHo account and have come across this GEM of a Cleve blog from Svea, which gets me even more excited to head back to the ol' homestead for Easter in a couple of weeks. And I'm listening to Pet Shop Boy's "Absolutely Fabulous Remix" after seeing pics from Boca and senior year and just warmly reveling in MoHo, good friend, fabulous currents.  

I'm lucky.  Thanks, loves.