26 September 2008

So I Found My "First" on Facebook...

...and now I'm conflicted between wanting to contact him vs. wanting to preserve this wax-seal of restraint that has built up over six some-odd years of not communicating (after unanswering a barrage of 16 final calls in a row, from him.) Hmmm. There wouldn't be a quizzical wrinkle running down the middle of my forehead right now if Facebook didn't exist, but I guess the issue itself a product of the time and there's no use being nostalgic for an era that I'm not a part of. Hmmm encore.

There's many other places I could go with this (the cheap, petty irony of "Friending" people that you otherwise wouldn't be "friends" with, how the stomach reflects the state of the mind, the way a profile is just that - so harsh, but not now. Now I have to go sip a latte and read The Hours.)