30 October 2008

Haunted Basement

Tonight I'm going here and I'm scared. It's at the Soap Factory, a cool gallery, and yeah. Last year I went to a haunted mansion/maze/cornfield/crazy and made a fool of myself. Granted it was in the middle of nowhere and who knows who are behind those masks (I mean, yeah, they're not really monsters, but I don't want some creeper country bumpkin, nor anyone for that matter, touching me.) Last year I was literally running away from d. bags in flannel and masks, and flailing enough to hit and grope my close relative inappropriately. It all comes back to the time when I was about 11, 12 or so, and had to go through the Bonne Bell-sponsored Haunted Highschool that the older kids at BHS put on. A big, black gorilla came barelling on all fours up to my friend Ashley and I and I screamed and kicked him in the face. Pretty high-strung for a 12 year-old but hey, what can you do. I also do NOT like men dressed up as Santa Claus nor Easter Bunnies. For tonight, I plan on being a bit altered when I go, just so the ghosties don't seem so ghost-like. Nerrrves.