29 January 2009

Knittin' Knerds

We will attempt to do this next time we're together (thanks, Hal.) Or at least make some coasters. Seriously! I, just wanna knit and purl all day, and crochet e-ver-y night. The real weavers in my life are Aunt Helene (currently working on the cable-knit sweater from Inis Mor for me), Ms. Cynthia, who I have a lovely skinny red scarf that I wear all the time from (and a lovely memory of knitting in Vegas while her mom played bingo in the background,) Jessa Metcalf Goldstein who caught my eye while knitting a navy-and-gray scarf for her then-boyfriend Jacob, Nona, who crocheted probably a hundred of wonderfully-colored blankets for friends, family, and neighbors (she had so many she kept the yarn and the finished products in clean garbage bins in her basement,) Ms. Svea Wentzler who crocheted a perfect black cap that I comandeered senior year MoHo and unfortunately has lost since then (I don't think I'll ever find another as-perfect winter cap,) and Ms. Ashley Ann Mellott, who knit me a heavy scarf that's like a blanket for x-mas '07 and that I'm so, so happy and warm to wear. These ladies are like ancient Greeks!