20 March 2009


girl #1: i'm TIRED of being stereo-typed/ing and marginalized/ing and always moving against.

girl #2: b*tch, please. do something about it.

girl #1: but if i let go of how i have been defined, which is by others in almost every instance that i can recall, i'll fly apart and be left with nothing else except my clothes, my body, and my brain.

DFW: so tie a bandana around your head and get on with it. but remember what you have thought in the past: puffpass don't be a jackass, poop comes from the butt, and friends are the family you choose.

girl #2: you crazy. but believe dat.

girl#1: clothes though? shouldn't i feel bad about that?

girl #2: we gotta have outlets, don't we? booze, TV, pleather, all manner of outrageous consumptions.

DFW: smoke got me through college and, though i kicked that habit to the curb, i started to appreciate and use colloquial sayings.

girl #2: that's thin, dave, but you get it, right?

girl #1: i definitely get it. i'm working on it, is all.