25 June 2009

Goodreads Flow.

"Both destiny's kisses and its dope-slaps illustrate an individual person's basic personal powerlessness over the really meaningful events in his life: i.e. almost nothing important that ever happens to you happens because you engineer it. Destiny has no beeper; destiny always leans trenchcoated out of an alley with some sort of Psst that you usually can't even hear because you're in such a rush to or from something important you've tried to engineer."
-David Foster Wallace

+I move (a-fucking-'gain) on June 30th/July 1st
+I'm taking a copywriting class July-August to 1. get a better job and 2. to have a reason to hang at the hip yuppie coffeeshop in my new 'hood (or the bar.)
+I'm taking CORE class again fall semester, traditional grad. tracks be damned, and haven't picked out the other 4-credit beast that I'll have to take (either "Post 9-11 Lit" or another poetry one with Jim Moore.)
+Nothing seems permanent, and everything seems light. It's nice in a stomach-wrenching sort of way.