20 February 2010

"...but I don't have the time anymore. Another life is already on its way."

Saw them at 7th Street, and I'm convinced. Two lead-ish singers, one of which (especially on this track) sounds a lot like Antony Hegarty (frontman of Antony and the Johnsons) and an overall mood that's like a more sophisticated, evolved Vampire Weekend. Love parts of "Contra" (the new VW album) but most of the Wild Beasts' tunes have what I wanted from VW's sophomore effort: more of an honest edge, less "quirky" beats.

PS, the bassist, with a shaved head, reminded me a lot of my friend Brendan. This remembering loaded the show with a lot more meaning for me, and made me think of the things I loved about "Brendore" like his ernest nature, his well-worn t-shirts and taut little body, and his charm. Also the bassist made me chuckle when he confessed to being a shameless flirt (very unlike Brendan,) and offered to sell himself for $5. This is after he had been in a van for 2 days from Portland with a bunch of dudes and grawrling into the microphone and in unison with the other singer in the next breath. Rock stars are so hot that, for me, it's almost more of a comfort than an excitement.

A friend and I were treated to exquisite little glasses of Cynar beforehand from a kindred spirit at Bradstreet. We had the whole lounge area to ourselves and it was lovely catching up. She's a keeper (the friend, not the waitress or the booze) and though I'll always try something new, I can't see this liquor being any good at all in a mix, but maybe as a digestive after a meal, like Montenegro. Oh how civilized!

A beautifully late evening, and loverly music. I wish these boys all the best!