20 April 2011

"Savage Love"

I don't read the column "Savage Love" often but when I do, I always laugh and am thankful for it (and for the recommendation from Hal-Bal way back when.)

"MTV, a cable television channel that has been broadcasting music videos in a continuous loop since the summer of 1981, has elected to speed the moral collapse of the United States by putting me [Dan Savage] on television. My upcoming sex-advice program is tentatively titled Savage U, and it represents MTV's first foray into non-music-video programming. (My preferred title for the show—Dan Savage's Alaska—was rejected by the program's co–executive producer, Piper Palin.) This news has upset not only my son, who has been in the MTV stage of his development for roughly three years, but also Maggie Gallagher, the head of the National Organization for Marriage, who has been stuck in the raving-bigot stage of her development for nearly three decades."

Now I'm sure that whatever goes onto MTV will be a little...eh, but God does the guy know how to write sensibly and simply about relationships and the sexins.

PS, if you really want your blood to boil (I'm being sort of serious - it's kind of upsetting,) check out the National Organization for Marriage's website as it's ridiculous, embarrassing, and puritanical - all at once!