01 November 2011

Tom Waits's new album: "Bad As Me"

"Tom Waits occupies a beautifully twisted spot in American music: his meandering path from boozy bohemian jazzbo to elder statesman of old-world Americana is compelling and cinematic."

Couldn't have said it better myself.  Really digging his voice yet again on his newest album, unsurprisingly.  The guy's completely full of soul.  Anyone else think of Charles Bukowski when they hear this guy?

Also just 'cause:
"Tom Waits has 6 fingers on his left hand, has a 5 octave voice and was once possessed by the spirits of a cotton picking Delta blues man, a 15th century pirate, a one armed piano player and a dentist. Simultaneously."
-The Cod Doctor

Also just 'cause it's smart and fabulous at the same time - galactic Chicago:

Also just 'cause the story behind it is beautiful romantic, but not from "Bad As Me":