29 January 2012


Looked up "pork butt roast recipes" (keeping it sexy here in the Smaland household) and found this gem - really clarifies a grammatical rule that I've never been quite sure on! I still hafta check with Sirs Strunk and White, but bia sounds like she knows what she's talking about.

"...BTW, T. from Massachusetts is only partially correct. In American English (but not British) quotation marks generally are outside the punctuation. However, exceptions are when a question mark or exclamation mark would add an emphasis that was not in the original. Thus Mama T. was correct in punctuation it "barbeCue"!, although she was wrong in trying banish the "q" from that word; "c" may be more common, but "q" is perfectly acceptable. One also finds "Bar-B-Q" in addition to the other variants she notes."

-A stunningly perceptive cook from Cooks.com