03 February 2012

Fulsome Friday!

Oh my gawd, I woke up with a headache and now two Minneeesohhhtahhhns are discussing how their kid's high school play should be censored or altogether cut because there are swear words and "like...sexual?" dance moves in it.  Guhhh.

Okay.  The one is also wearing a Jesus t-shirt that says "TIRED?" (I don't even want to go there) across the front of it, and is having marital problems.  I know this because she stated matter-of-factly that she's going to a weekend retreat with her husband to get it together again.  You can't make this shit up, people!

Also, I have come to a conclusion: mainstream country music is embarrassing to listen to because it's like baby music for adults.  Yuck.

TGIF! I feel like I'm in the book "Main Street" by Sinclair Lewis!